AE Scholarship

Our group of young scholars and researchers is based upon the conviction that an academic scholarship is a life changing opportunity. Therefore we launch our pilot project: Academic Empowerment Scholarship (AES).

This scholarship is basically made by Syrian students who got a scholarship in 2015 to complete their studies in Germany, and feel the responsibility to pass the chance they got to other students – among those who are struggling to get an opportunity to complete their studies – in order to study in Germany. This is a way of sustaining and regenerating the opportunity they had, and to do their part in empowering others.

The particularity of our Scholarship.

AES aims to grant a scholarship to one master student from Syria by covering her/his living expenses and tuition fees in order to study in a German University for maximum period of 2 years.

Our Scholarship achieves sustainability by relying basically on a collaborative and solidary crowdfunding; those who share our values -whether they were in academia or in civil society- can take part of it and contribute by monthly subscriptions or one-time donations. We aim to finance a big part of the scholarship by these subscriptions.

The Scholarship will:

  • Promote and provide financial support to one student;
  • Support the scholarship holder with the information necessary to deal with the new educational environment;
  • Lead a collaborative network of community and educational partners aligned to support the student’s preparation and persistent till degree completion.