What is Academpower Initiative?

We are a group of Syrian student who aim to support  our society academically. Currently we are still building our network. We have already started our first project, ‘AES Scholarship.’


How do I become a member of Academpower?

We are planning to start other projects by the end of 2018. Please fill in the questionnaire to have an idea how could we cooperate. Other than this, your financial subscription to AES scholarship is always welcome here.


Do I have to be Syrian?

No, our focus on Syria is only due to the crisis our country is going through.


What kind of support do I have to give?

Financial through the AES scholarship, non-financial support is by being a mentor in an academic or linguistic projets. Tell us how you can support through filling in the questionnaire.


How often do I have to commit?

For the financial subscription we will inform you by email of all updates in regard to the scholarship procedures. In case you decided to become a mentor in the proposed projects in the questionnaire, then we estimate a maximum of 2-3 meetings a semester.


What is AES Scholarship?

AES Scholarship is our first project. Proposed by one of the colleagues, the idea aims to bring a Syrian student to Germany in a scholarship program organised by scholars and funded mainly from crowd-funding.


Where are you currently with AES Scholarship?

We have an administrative partnership with AWO, and we are are working to expand our financial base to reach the limit that allow us to open the application process.


What can I do now for the AES scholarship?

Subscribe for 5, 10,… Euros monthly by filling the subscription form here, then scan it and send it to our email address: aes@awo-fulda.de.  Another financial support to us is to make a one-time payment by transferring money to the following bank account.


  • Spendenempfänger: AWO Kreisverband Fulda e.V.
  • Stichwort:                       „AES”
  • IBAN:                                 DE80 5305 0180 0041 0031 90
  • BIC:                                     HELADEF1FDS


Am I transferring money to one of the organisers, how do I guarantee my money is not being misused?

We as team members do not receive subscriptions; we have an organisation bank account in coordination of AWO. Your subscription will not be used for any mean till the application process has been finalized and the student has reached Germany.


How would the student be selected?

After we reach the financial limit that allow us to announce the scholarship, we will start a partnership with a german academic body which will be responsible for the selection process.


Where the student will be living?

The scholarship aims to give a chance for a syrian students who live in Syria or on the neighborhood countries to complete their master studies in Germany.


Are Syrian students in Europe entitled to apply and to receive the scholarship?

Syrian students in Europe are not entitled to apply or receive this scholarship.


Why the scholarship granted to a Master student not Bachelor or PHD student?

As a pilot project, we take the costs into consideration.  Master studies duration is shorter compared to Bachelor and PhD studies, it will be by consequent less costly to support a student for (2 years).

In later stages and according to the results of the Pilot Project, additional scholarships could also be provided for more students and might include bachelor and PhD students.

Why Germany?

First of all, German universities are known to have a well-structured and a high quality education system; it is considered as one of the best in the world. Second, we, as a group of students studied or still studying at German universities, are more familiar with the tertiary education system in Germany than in other countries. Therefore we are able to mentor and help the new student with all information related to education system as well as daily life information in Germany. Third, education in German universities is free, so there are no tuition fees to pay.