At the first stage, we aim to grant a scholarship to one master student; covering her/his living expenses and tuition fees, in order to study in one of the German universities for a maximum period of 2 years. In later stages, additional scholarships could also be provided for more students and might include bachelor and PhD students.

The scholarship would rely on crowd funds through monthly subscriptions of €5, €10, €25… from individuals and Legal entities, or an equivalent donation of one-time.

What impact your contribution will make???

The total needed fund to cover studies expenses for one master student for a period of two years is around €20000. If you subscribe with us the minimum monthly amount of just  €5 for a period of 2 years you will be contributing to cover 1% of the student’s expenses for one year or 14% of her/his monthly expenses. Small contribution makes a big impact and it moves us a step forward empowering one student to achieving her/his dreams .

For subscribing with us please follow the following structure:

  1. Print the form from here
  2. Fill the form out, sign it, and scan it.
  3. Send the scanned form on our email address:

One time donation could be transferred to our bank account.

  • Spendenempfänger: AWO Kreisverband Fulda e.V.
  • Stichwort:                       „AES”
  • IBAN:                                 DE80 5305 0180 0041 0031 90
  • BIC:                                     HELADEF1FDS

Note: For one time donations, by giving us  your full name and address we can provide you with a receipt which you can declare for tax administration.