Empower The Change

The ongoing crisis in Syria has disrupted not only people’s lives but also much of the country’s infrastructures; especially education-related infrastructures. Before the war, an estimated 20 percent of Syrian young people were enrolled in tertiary education; in 2016, the percentage dropped to less than 5 percent. For many students, higher education has become a struggle. Due to the continued disruption of the higher education system inside Syria in addition to legal and financial barriers to access tertiary education in neighboring countries, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are losing the opportunity to pursue and achieve their educational goals. As a result of the current situation, a “Lost Generation” will not be equipped enough to rebuild the economic, political, educational, and health infrastructures in post-war Syria.

Academpower is an initiative that aims to empower Syrians towards achieving their higher education goals. The initiative is based on the conviction that investing in individuals is important in order to equip them with the right tools to face the challenges of Syria’s future. Increasing access to tertiary education is not just labor force preparation for the reconstruction of the country after settling down, but also enabling these young minds to pursue and achieve their dreams.

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